Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in cannabis, which is where it’s mostly found
in nature. In fact, one study showed that myrcene makes up as much as 65% of
total terpene profile in some strains.Myrcene smell often reminds of earthy, musky notes, resembling cloves. Also, it has
a fruity, red grape-like aroma.
Strains that contain 0.5% of this terpene are usually indicas with sedative effects. It
has also been reported that myrcene is useful in reducing inflammation and chronic
pain, which is why it’s usually recommended as a supplement during cancer
Strains that are rich in myrcene are Skunk XL, White Widow, and Special Kush.
Bonus tip: If you want to experience a stronger buzz from marijuana, get yourself a
mango and eat it about 45 minutes before smoking.
Mango contains significant amount of myrcene, so eating it before consuming
cannabis will strengthen the effects of THC and increase its absorption rate

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