by Cannadish January 31, 2019 

Innovative Israeli cannabis technology company PhytoPharma International is causing a buzz! The artisanal honey producing company’s bees are feasting on a spectrum that contains cannabinoids. 

Since bees are insects that do not have a mammalian endocannabinoid system, they are not getting high. However, they pass these nutrients directly through their natural honey making process and –voila– they create Pure Bee cannabis honey.

The company discovered an IP protected method that allows bees to naturally express THC and CBD in their honey in a highly efficient manner, utilizing low amounts of cannabinoids to achieve high performance. This honey is not a cannabis-infused product. Instead, Pure Bee is an entirely natural product, combining the beloved texture and taste of honey with the healing properties of cannabis.  The bees are converting the full spectrum of the plant into the honey.

Pure Bee is a highly bioavailable cannabis-derived honey containing up to 1,000 times lower measurable concentration of cannabinoids, compared to conventional treatment methods, well under 0.3%.

The honey effectively serves as a platform which can “host” different strains of cannabis with varying ratios and concentrations, and can offer them to a broad patient population in a highly-bioavailable way, in a much safer method than vaping or smoking.

The uniquely reddish honey is characterized by its rapid onset –five to 10 minutes– compared to most edible products, which can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to take effect. 

Therefore, the honey is more appropriate for patient populations that require quick activation, such as those with chronic pain. Secondly, it contains up to 100 times the efficacy. Two grams of the honey, which contain 50 ppm (0.1mg), were reported to alleviate pain significantly for fibromyalgia patients.

The company completed its first production season in California, and their honey will soon be available initially in California’s dispensaries. A fast-acting, naturally-derived edible that supports patients’ health, as well as the bee population, is clearly something to buzz about.

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